etape3 /cycling in a holistic approach

The main goal is to improve cycling experience and performance in a holistic approach. Whether it comes to the cycle, the athlete or the race: etape3 offers a wide range of service and sale around cycling to locate hidden potential within the small details. Because the sum of all makes the difference.

reflectionWhat limitations?

adaptionHow to improve?

progressDiscover your potential!

About the concept

The concept is about locating hidden potential in 3 different and complex fields: the cycle, the athlete and the race. Worked out in a holistic approach, it points out options and possibilities to improve cycling experience and performance. etape3 meets the requirements of cyclists of any level, to bring them closer to the beauty and intensity of this sport.

About me

Cycling has left its marks in my life. Living passion – plenty of years with road-, mtb- and cycle cross racing while working within the cycling business.
Followed by earned expertise and experiences in different business fields and professions completing my fundament to run a business within sports-coaching.
My aim is to support athletes on each level in achieving a degree of performance, which may not have been possible by working on their own.
Marcus Burghardt