Polar Vantage M

The all-round multisport watch with GPS and pulse measurement on the wrist. A wide range of features such as Polar Precision Prime, Training Load Pro, Running Index Running Program, Swim Metrics, Smart Calories, Training Benefit, Sleep Plus ™ makes the watch ideal for triathletes, as the watch covers the use for all 3 disciplines. On the free online platform Polar Flow, you can plan, train, analyze and easily upload, save and synchronize your data on Strava or TrainingPeaks. Thus, you can analyze your data with your coach or trainer and adjust your training. Recording your training record will not get simpler, more precise and faster. When you buy the watch at etape3 you get a free setup for the clock and your Polar Flow account. Please contact etape3 if you are interested or if you have any questions.


Pedal Stroke Intelligence (PSI) by LEOMO can be used to analyze pedaling technique to determine how your DSS Dead Spot Score is affected in relation to resistance, your strength and cadence. Each point on the graph represents a point where your DSS was in relation to resistance, strength and cadence. Left and right leg (and foot) are measured separately to reveal differences and dysbalances. With this measurement, you can record your pedaling efficiency in real time on your bike and improve it if necessary. Contact etape3 to learn more about this topic and how to use it to enhance your performance.

Skills to pay the bills

As it comes to develop excellence and top performance in sport, you have to be aware and work as well on your technique skills, especially if the discipline demands technical skills or souplesse. Skill training can very easy be a part of your daily training routine. For example before main training as a warm up, or on easy days for active recovery. In some disciplines – like BMX Super Cross –  you spend equally time and efforts in skill training like for endurance training. So, do you choose the 5m or 8m ramp? What is too high, what is too low? At etape3 you work with your coach on technical skills  – ask for more details.


Polar Heartrate Monitor

Polar products now available at etape3. Organize your training with eqipment of the pioneer in heartrate measurement. Train for example with the newest products like the Polar Vantage V and Polar Vantage M. etape3 is your partner when it comes to organizing your training in cycling or triathlon (cycling discipline).


Allows to record motion analysis for bikefitting or to capture motion and its efficiency under real-time conditions. The Leomo Type R offers a wide range of functions and lots of data: correctly interpreted it is perfect to derive new training approaches. Example: the pelvis is known to play a big role (not only in sports). A sensor (placed in the sacrum) measures angle and movement of the pelvis in anterior, posterior and lateral position. This provides information about core strength, weaknesses in leg muscles, riding position and pedaling economy under real conditions. Contact etape3 and get your coaching session with Leomo Type R

UltraSports Sports Nutrition

As it comes to effectiveness of training, you have to know and be aware about your recovery. Several aspects are important – here is one: Nutrition. As soon your training is finished, your recovery begins. Carbohydrates, to refuel energy for upcoming training (depending on nutrition strategy) and proteins, to repair muscles has to get supplied as soon as possible,  to support your recovery. UltraSports from Germany offers professional and balanced Sports Nutrition. Add on Amino from their Recovery Line is one of the top selling products, as it boosts your recovery. etape3 is your partner as it comes to get the right balance between training and recovery. Ask for more information as it comes to nutrition strategies or products for your training.

Coaching for Cyclists

Not only world champions work with coaches. Top athletes usually have a lot of experience and yet they work with coaches and consultants to keep their head in the game and focus on what they do and can do best: deliver athletic performance. The same applies to the amateur athletes – Weekend Warriors or fit for fun: you can not solve everything by yourself, something remains on the track. Coaching at etape3 focuses on the needs of cyclists and triathletes (cycling discipline). From simple advice on performance diagnostics, training management and annual planning you will find many solutions where certainly fits one for you. Inform yourself, contact etape3 to get the right support that meets your demands.

Mallorca Training Camp

Training Camp Mallorca
Spring, basic kilometer, first tempo training and then off to the training camp on Mallorca. Without a doubt an experience. The weather is usually better than at home, with sunshine the first tan comes, thousands of cyclists and a great atmosphere. Too often, with false ambition, much is ruined that has been built in the winter. Training volume get increased too much, intensities are screwed up without proper preparation and suddenly it happens: a few weeks later you have to pay the bill. The performance stagnates, possibly even a slight infection and quickly you are thrown back with your level of performance by weeks. etape3 helps you planning your training – even when it comes to the training camp in Mallorca.

WADA Coach True Play True

Doping-free sport – clearly a condition when it comes to sports coaching at etape3. As an athlete, you will be supervised by a WADA certified coach who has completed the WADA Coach True Anti Doping Program. Athletes will be answered on issues such as the definition doping, health consequences, methods, types, controls and many issues such as masking agents, whereabouts, and TUEs.

Goals and self-reflection

It´s not the size of your goal: the podium at “your competition” or just losing weight. Having goals is good because it lifts your self-confidence (and your performance) when reaching them. In the goal setting process, it is essential that you keep an realistic eye on the size of your goal. What is too high, what is too low? It’s easier and more effective to work with a system. Keep a book or training diary to realize what you have achieved so far. Work with a coach or mentor and reward yourself when you accomplish your goals. If it didn´t work out, reflect on why. Self-reflection as an athlete is an effective tool to get where you want to go. etape3 will help you with your goal setting process, your work with self reflection and leeds you towards them. Ask for more information.

UltraSports Gel Chip

Nutrition Tip: the gel chip from UltraSports. Looks like a marshmallow – just better “performance”. The chip supplies high speed energy: bitten in two halves and dissolving in the mouth, energy is absorbed immediately through the oral mucosa membrane. Ideal for Train-Low units, as it has low energy but helps fast.


FTP MAP Borg TSS VLamax W/kg IF HR VO2max RPE

The list of various metrics for training control and training optimization is growing. Each generates different values ​​that need to be correctly tested and interpreted in order to control, monitor and optimize the training. A very valuable parameter: the body feeling of the athlete, which is “calibrated” during exercise and experience. The Borg scale or RPE comes close to it, serve the subjective assessment but can also be misinterpreted in the absence of experience and thus mislead. In competition, athletes sometimes cover their Powermeter with tape, not getting irritated by data, but then used afterwards for evaluation. A mix of objective facts/ data through technology and subjective feeling seems like a good approach. etape3 offers sports coaching and training for athletes of all level – ask for more information.

Training and coaching in cycling

You do sports and want to have fun. When are you having fun or how big is the fun? Achieving goals is fun, great joy, and often has positive side effects in your private and professional life. If you have a goal and want to achieve it, the intensity, duration and frequency of the training play a major role. Individual planning and objective control are helpful on the way to success. Are you actually doing your training, or will it be intentional? Are you doing the right thing at the right time – or when are you doing what and how much of what? Whether individual athlete, team or club sport: etape3 is your partner when it comes to training and coaching in cycling – to achieve your goal and have fun.

Work out more effectively

Depends not only on the content of the training, but also on the preparation and recovery. Instead of taking all time for pure training and perhaps even stressing yourself, you can easily schedule a 15Before/20After. Before the workout: prepare the recovery phase: a recovery snack / drink and if necessary, a meal. Put all equipment required for recovery ready. Start your training with e.g. a 15min Dynamic Warm Up. The cardiovascular system is warmed up and you are ready to go. After the workout, you can immediately start the first 20min recovery, keep your time window for nutrition and optimize your recovery phase. Build that in the winter training, then it works smoothly in the summer. etape3 is your partner when it comes to effective training – just ask for more details.

performance diagnostic

The first training block of the early season should be done. Now it’s time to control your current performance, to get you to the next block with updated training zones. The so-called monitoring is essential if you want to prepare yourself specifically for a season or an event. In combination with a customized trainings plan, the coach and athlete are able to follow the development, adapt the plan if necessary and enter the next performance level. Even if you do not have a specific goal, performance diagnostics helps evaluating your training intensities, your subjective feeling and objective numbers.  Feel free to contact etape3 if you have questions about training & support.


Still time left to improve your position before the season starts. The winter period is perfect to work on a bikefit and – if necessary – on a bodyfit. Depending on what you want to achieve, time is required to adapt to a new position. Whether it comes to aerodynamic issues, power output or just ride without pain in back, hands, shoulders etc., you are welcome to contact etape3 for further information. Book your Bikefit in time in order to be prepared for the upcoming season.


In training, stimuli are set, in recovery, the body adapts to stimuli. Unfortunately, this topic is still given too little attention, although it is an essential part of the development and thus of the success of the athletes training. There are a number of ways to improve recovery, makes you more relaxed and effective prepared for the next training session. Sportsbalm offer several massageproducts to take care after training. In addition, there are plenty of other ways that cost nothing but overcoming. Improving recovery after training is a big factor at etape3. Please feel free to contact me for more information on this topic.


Part of the season is over, time for a résumé and / or a recovery period before the next season can be tackled. How was your season so far – achieved your goals and were fully on schedule? Every competitive athlete and hobby athlete should have seasonal planning in mind to be prepared for seasonal highlights so they do not stuck on a performance plateau or, at worst, even get into overtraining. At etape3, you’ll be prepared for your favorite event or your A and B competitions to get as close to a great experience as possible. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a non-binding offer.


Monitor your training and recovery to improve your performance. As an athlete, it is important to know your body well. I recommend to my athletes learning to listen to their body again and again and to interpret subjective judgments on, for example, training load. An effective way to improve subjective interpretation is to keep a training diary and record comments on exercise and recovery. In addition to the subjective interpretation, it is a good idea to work with objective tools. Ithlete offers affordable devices for heart rate variability measurement, that helps to better interpret your subjective feelings of training load and recovery. Contact etape3 to get a deeper insight as it comes to the products of Ithlete or monitoring training and recovery.


Pro Bikegear and a proper bikefit powers your performance. Excellent bike equipment, tested, approved and used by several pro teams – now available at etape3. Find a saddle that matches your anatomy, choose between different bars in shape and width as well stems in different length and angles. Many years of racing expertise, a bikefit and the proper components for your purpose and anatomy will enhance your performance. Contact for more information or book your bikefitting at etape3.


The fast-formula is a sports nutrition and exercise optimized concept, which is divided into 3 areas to increase the athlete’s performance and increase general wellbeing. The nutrition expert dr. Feil of the company Ultra Sports, has created a simple but effective concept to support fat metabolism, general stability and top performance in the competition. Know-how and experience through years of cooperation and care of world-class athletes and a cooperation with a research team has made it possible to successfully implement this project. Learn more about the FAST formula, the book and its related products for each area at etape3.


Challenge Handmade Tires


Clincher or tubular handmade in Italy.
The season is already started, time to explore excellent tires! At etape3 you will find a selection of the best tires from Challenge, handmade in Italy. You get clincher as well tubular and furthermore you can choose between tires for races on rough roads like the Paris Roubaix and the Strada, or the Criterium if you are going for crit races. Find the right tire for your purpose, rim, weight and feel the difference when you are on the road.
contact etape3 for more details


Comfort Zone

Sometimes you have to leave your comfortzone. What does it take, what does it mean?
It can start with making a decision – to leave your comfortzone, when you have to, when you want to get ahead. Small decisions can accumulate to big changes. Habbits can changes, it takes some time and persistance. Take easy ones to start and discover what it will lead to. Helpful could be a personal lifestyle week plan, where you note all daily routine and reflect over it. Cut some action and add new and different instead of. You will discover plenty of timekiller – exchange them with new work instead of. In the long run, those marginal gains will lift your performance on your bike.
etape3 is your address when it comes to personal training. Ask for more details.

FTP/ lactate threshold testing

Good to have some facts, when you want to get ahead with your training.
What facts? For example your current level of fitness, its related training zones and your development.
How to get this done? Monitoring.
Most common way to get this done (not only for pro-rider) is through performance analysis, performed as a lactate threshold test or FTP test. You get a indication about your current fitness, a temporary guide to point out your personal training zones and you can point out what to focus on during the next weeks. As it comes to your performance development, you can compare previously test with each other and get precise facts for adaptation. Important to do such tests in this early phase of the training cyclus, to ensure not to ride too fast or slow, not too little nor too much.
etape3 is your partner as it comes to sportscoaching and athlete development, including services like lactate threshold testing, FTP testing and monitoring. Contact for more details.


Still winter season means still time to work on improvement before the season get kicked off. Effective cycling and power output depends on several aspects. Finding the right position on a bike to ensure good aerodynamic, effective power output and cycling for hours without fatigue/ back problems need attention and maintenance. A good bikefitting goes beyond evaluating your current position, taking anthropometric data or capture pedaling movements. Different disciplines have different demands – so, are you going for cyclocross, time trial or GranFondo events? Have you ever checked the relation and your level of core strength, mobility and balance? You will be amazed how much potential you´ll discover working on those elements and easily gain improvement on your cycling performance. So, don´t wait too long and start your program now to be ahead in a few months.
etape3 is your partner when you look for a individual bikefitting in a holistic approach.


Goals and Motivation

Goals – essential to set, if you want to achieve your dream. To maintain your motivation, you should consider to work with process goals and outcome goals. Process goals are small goals along the road to the outcome goal, your main goal. Plenty of process goals are on the way to your main goal. It starts every morning when you take your heartrate right after you wake up and measure your weight. Little work with important information. You learn to listen to your body and gain awareness of adaptations and necessary changes. Process goals should fit your current situation, to ensure success and motivation. By that, it supports your work towards your outcome goal. etape3 is your partner to achieve your goals in cycling with a holistic and customized process and plans.


Plan Your Season

The cycling season has started. Time to earn fitness on the cycle and improve your core strength in the gym and on the yoga mat, preferable with an individual plan, designed to meet your possibilities and goal requirements. Do you have a goal for the upcoming season? If you are looking for improvement of your fitness, a faster Ironman cycling performance or a challenge to finish a Gran Fondo: etape3 is doing the planning, preparation and support of your personal cycling training, to make your goal come true. Just contact me for a special offer.